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Aphrodite's leier: Youtube Channel Click here

Music Clip Gallery 

Introducing the performance video in our leier  



ライアー教室 生徒さんの演奏

「ガヴォット ト長調 hwv 491」 G.F. ヘンデル


The Flower of Magherally~マハラリーの花


ライアー教室 生徒さんの演奏



​Home from Dvorak New World

​Seven Chakra Themes: When You Wish Upon a Star (Ensemble)

Performance Lyre: Aphrodite's lyre ​​

Princess Cerena Dusk of Mt. Original

Maki Cerena

Latest CD Prenatal 2 Zeus

Princess Maki Cerena Nursery Rhymes Hometown Angel

Hathor performance "Hanamizuki"

Ms. Masumi Adachi​

Leier Performance Class Recruiting students!

Leier lesson course
Date and time: Every Monday-Friday
Location: Pastel Culture School (Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture)

Price: 16500 yen (tax included)) Ticket system / 5 times   
* Saturday and Sunday courses have also started.
Click here for Adachi-sensei's homepage

You can enjoy your voice in a participation format.
The latest song video is also posted ☆ 彡

​プロJazzボーカリスト Chiaさん

​"The Rose"

“Autumn Leaves” 枯葉

​"Pure Moon"

​"The Nightingale"

​ライアー奏者 詩音さん (福岡教室講師)



​ライアー奏者 ちよひこさん × 花音さん

Thais meditation song Jules Massenet

Aeolian Harp composed by William Gillock

​アラベスクセンチメンタル ギロック作曲

Aeolian Harp composed by William Gillock
​Choral Prelude Gillock Composition Angel # 65
"Angel's Voice" composed by Bruge Müller harmonie des anges
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