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The lyre produced in our shop is 432Hz for general ryer tuning and 440Hz for pop according to the customer's request.

It can be used for any tuning.

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A phrodite Harp: Liar: Harp

Aphrodite lyre product information

Currently, the Aphrodite lyre produced at our shop is roughly divided into the following eight types.


Aphrodite Harp HEART

Aphrodite Harp Egg

Aphrodite Harp Angel

Aphrodite Harp Rhiannon

Aphrodite Harp Orpheus

Aphrodite Harp Wasabi

Aphrodite Harp Hidamari (* Discontinued product)

Aphrodite Harp Tsukiko





それは素晴らしい音でした! 本当に本当に素晴らしい音色です◎


名古屋で あなたや摩澄さん、そしてたくさんのライアー奏者のみなさんと一緒に過ごした日々に、本当に感謝しています!








Dear Hayashi-san

When you asked me about the sound of your lyres in your workshop I had only heard them played by myself.

After the big concert - I had heard many of your lyres played by Masumi-san and others....

They sound wonderful! Really really good!

I am so grateful for the days in Nagoya with you and Masumi-san and so many lyrists!

It was really great!


I think your lyres would be very popular in other countries.

Thank you so much for your kind help when I visited!

Best wishes



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>> Aphrodite's lyre: How to tune the lyre

Please feel free to visit our store. It would be helpful if you could make a reservation by phone in advance when you come to the store.Contact: 090-7301-1768 To Hayashi

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