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Wasabi model Wasaby

Since it is a low volume type, it has the advantage of not requiring consideration for neighbors!

But there are some drawbacks, it's for simple songs such as folk songs, nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes!

Please see the traditional design that nurtures Japanese sensibilities.

  Cerena komaki

26 strings E (bass) to F (treble)


It features a sound like a Japanese koto.

This is the range and size for women who are playing the lyre for the first time.


¥ 180,000- ¥ 220,000  (Tax not included / no case)


Mahogany model: ¥ 180,000

Spruce model: ¥ 220,000

Dimensions: Vertical  Approximately 51 cm x width approximately 34 cm x body thickness approximately 4 cm

(The thickness of the saddle on which the strings ride is not included.)

Weight: Approximately 2.5 kg 

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