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Aphrodite lyre orpheus model

Alto lyre: Bass string lyre ¥ 650,000 (excluding tax)

(Painting is an extra cost)

アフロディーテの竪琴 テナー 九州福岡 テナーライアー.jpg
テナーライアー 安達摩澄.jpg
テナーライアー アフロディーテの竪琴 福岡筑紫教室.jpg

Liar  Aphrodite Harp Aphrodite lyre: Orpheus model (Alto lyre)

40 string bass E-treble G  Pickup can be installed.


Aphrodite's lyre: The Orpheus model is a lyre with a larger body than a normal soprano lyre, and can play a richer and more profound bass. Named after Orpheus, a master of the lyre.

Liar player: This model was collaboratively developed and produced with Shion, and is designed with the motif of a water bottle-shaped lyre that appears in Greek mythology, and features a school head.

The range is from bass E (mi) to treble G (so), making it a model suitable for solo performances, ensemble with soprano lyres, and ensemble with other instruments.

Dimensions: Length about 66 cm x Width about 51 cm x Thickness about 7 cm (Dimensions are measured at the widest place.)

All of our lyre is handmade.

This item is made to order only.

In the case of an order, we think that it can be delivered to the customer within 8 months after the order is placed.


* The standard tuning of the Orpheus model is 432Hz. We manufacture it so that it can be tuned below 432hz.

* Currently, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we cannot accept orders due to the uncertain arrival of strings for the Orpheus model (Altrier) .

We will inform you from this page as soon as the arrival of strings is in sight.note that.

* Specifications of the product are subject to change without notice. Please note that we would like to hear from our customers and deliver better products.



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