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How to Order

How to order Aphrodite lyre / Made to order

We will guide you through the process from ordering to the arrival of the product.

Please order by e-mail, phone, or visit us.

The person in charge will guide you to order by phone or visit.


As a general rule, you can only pay for the product by cash or credit card payment directly at our shop, or by bank transfer. * For those who are far away, only bank transfer is accepted.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

The shipping fee for the item is free.

* We do not accept overseas shipments. note that.

Order reception phone number: 090-7301-1768  To the forest



Click here for detailed product price information

Order flow by E-mail


step 1 : Send a quote request email to our shop << Customers >>

Please enter your name, product name, option name, request, etc. and send an email to our shop.


step 2 : Send a reply email confirming the contents from our shop

We will reply to you with an e-mail with a musical instrument order application (quotation) and a document notifying you of the estimated delivery date of the product.


step 3 : After confirming the contents of the quotation, send the product shipping address and transfer the down payment << Customer >>


If you are satisfied with the contents of the musical instrument order application form,

1. 1. Please print out the application form, fill in the name, address, telephone number, and email address on the top of the document by hand, scan it with a scanner, and return it as a PDF file.

If you don't know how to do it, you can mail the documents, so please let us know.

2. Please transfer the down payment of the product price you ordered.

When you purchase our musical instruments, 50% of the ordered product price will be charged.

You will have to pay in advance as a down payment.

(* *We also accept lump sum payments. Please choose one-time payment or two-time split. )


Information on the payment destination

PayPay Bank (* Former Japan Net Bank)

Hayabusa Branch 003

Normal 6414116

Hayashi Kiminori

* As a general rule, the price once paid will not be refunded. note that.

* Excuse me, but the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.


step 4 : Order completed: Production started   [Formal contract]

We will officially accept the order when the down payment (50% or more of the product price) is transferred and the shipping address of the product is confirmed.

We will start production in the order of orders.




step 5 : Transfer of musical instrument price (remaining money) << Customer >>


Please transfer the product price (balance) to the following transfer destination.

PayPay Bank

Hayabusa Branch 003

Normal 6414116

Hayashi Kiminori


* Excuse me, but the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

For customers who have already paid in one lump sum, go to step 7



step 6 : Contact the customer after confirming payment  


We will contact you as soon as the payment is confirmed.

After payment, please email or call us for smooth shipping.




step 7 : Shipment of goods


Once the instrument production is complete, we will contact you and ship the product.

Immediately after shipping, we will inform you of the delivery company and delivery slip number by email or phone.

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