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Aphrodite Harp Angel

Aphrodite's lyre: Angel model 

37-string bass C''-treble C   or  42 string bass D to treble G


Our original leier: Aphrodite's leier / Angel model has a box-shaped body structure that gives off a lustrous, long and gentle tone.


Based on the 37th or 42nd strings, it features an angel's feather-shaped sound hole, which is the origin of the model name, and when played, it has a slightly larger and thicker tone than the RHIANNON model.

Since it is handmade to order, detailed specifications can be adjusted by meeting.


It is a flagship model lyre that can satisfy a wide range of people from beginners to advanced players.


If you are worried about which model to use, please feel free to contact us. We will answer thoroughly. Complete beginners are also welcome.

It is one that anyone can enjoy playing.

* The leier produced in our shop is manufactured to meet the customer's request, and can be tuned to 432Hz for general ryers or 440hz for pops.

* If you would like 440hz tuning, please let us know when you place an order.

Dimensions: Length about 62 cm x Width about 43 cm x Body thickness about 5 cm 

(The thickness of the saddle on which the strings ride is not included.)

Weight: Approximately 3 kg

​Serena Performance Angel # 37

Product inquiry Click here  / Click here for how to order

Masumi Adachi Performance model Angel # 65

About the price of the Angel model


・ Angel # 37 (37 string model) ¥ 370,000 (excluding tax)

Specifications: Oil clear paint, no gloss binding (decorative wood on the edge)

・ Angel # 40 (42 string model) ¥ 400,000 (excluding tax)

Specifications: Oil clear paint, no gloss binding (decorative wood on the edge)

・ Angel # 55 (42 string model) ¥ 550,000 (excluding tax)

Specifications: Lacquer clear paint, natural clear (no color), matte

* It has the same paint finish as overseas luxury lyres.

・ Angel # 65 (42 string model) ¥ 650,000 (excluding tax)

Specifications: Lacquer clear paint, clear glossy or amber color glossy or each glossy

Or you can choose from white semi-gloss.

* # 65 is made of high-grade wood and takes more time and effort to create a beautifully brilliant paint finish.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the difference between oil painting and lacquer painting?

A. First of all, the role of painting is divided into the following three.

(1) Impact on the protection and strength of musical instruments.

(2) Impact on appearance.

③ Impact on timbre.


There is a big difference between oil painting and lacquer painting from the above three points of view.

Please see the blog post for more and more detailed explanations!

☆ Recommended Angel model (leier)


☆ Colored Angel model # 65

* Brown is a custom color.

花音さん×ちよひこさん ライアーアンサンブル

​映画『心が叫びたがってるんだ』より 心が叫びだす~あなたの名前呼ぶよ

Leier player: Shion
[Fukuoka leier class of Shion] opened

[Original leier developed in Japan]
Although it was born in Germany, there are workshops that are also manufactured in Japan. I'll buy a leier! At that time, I was at a loss and thought that I must be able to understand something if I was born in Japan, so I decided on "Aphrodite's leier" by Tonewood Kobo in Aichi Prefecture. A Japanese-style tone with Japanese essence added to traditional lyre. It took about half a year to make it carefully 😊

詩音 アフロディーテの竪琴 ライアー教室.jpg

Shion's official page: here from
From Hanane's blog [Aphrodite's lyre egg and angel]

I was thinking about sending an instrument to Tonewood of the musical instrument studio for the maintenance of the egg, and when I asked him a little story, I found it just right.


Don't make excuses ... (-.-;


We returned the single plate lyre egg to the shop and welcomed a new type.

A white lyre, a lyre named Angel. The feather-shaped sound hole is very cute. It is a box type and the loudness and sound are very good. You can hear each sound in various ways depending on how you play.

For sparkling sounds and pawns and mellow sounds.


The same is true for other harps and lyres, but the sound is so loud that you may feel the difference in sound depending on how you play.


When I first saw the angel, it looked like a sugar decoration on a cake. A delicate impression that seems to break if you touch it.

However, if you actually touch it, it has a strong presence and the sound is quite loud among the soprano lyres.

I have a nice instrument at home, so I want to practice a lot, but it's frustrating that I can't take a long time. However, it is a loose practice.

There is no # 100 in the angel, and # 65 is the finest.

ライアー アフロディーテの竪琴#65.JPG

・ Leier


It's been about three months since the new shiny leier came to my house.


After playing the lyre for the past few days, I suddenly noticed that the tone had already changed from when I first played it.

The new sparkling sound is nice, but I seem to like the slightly calmer and mellow sound.

Is it due to the way you play the strings, is it a change in the strings (I think that even if you wipe it every time, there is a slight rust on it, and it should be stretched), or is the condition of the tree getting used to it? ?? I don't have any knowledge, so I'm looking at the instrument while wondering.


When I feel the existence of an instrument that grows with me, I feel more attached to it. The sound of the new instrument is very popular with my mother and it sounds much better than before! !! Will say.

I think it sounds pretty good before! !!


Now that I'm used to my ears, the lyre is the same model as before and now (Aphrodite's lyre angel), but you can feel the difference in sound more.


Anyway, a new angel who feels like singing very well. Play more-play- ♪ I feel like I'm singing-I'm singing these days.

​Hanane-san Performance Angel # 65

​Chiyohiko-san Performance Angel # 40

​Custom-made sound hole (Rabbit)

​The sound hole design is a special order made by yourself.


New release: Soft case for Angel model ¥ 20,000 (excluding tax)  

Click here to purchase a soft case

Click here for product inquiries  / Click here for how to order

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