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Aphrodite Harp Egg


34-string bass G to treble E

Aphrodite's leier: The Egg-chan model is a cute egg-shaped lyre, a low-volume model developed to prevent sound from leaking to the next room when playing in an apartment or wooden house. 34 from bass G to treble E It is a string.

Although it is a leier (small harp) with a special shape carved from a single plate without a resonance box, it has a sufficient range of 34 strings, so you can enjoy a wide range of music. I think you will be familiar with the beautiful tone.


If you attach an optional condenser pickup and connect it to an amplifier, you can use it for live performances at a sufficient volume even in a large venue.



* The leier produced in our shop is manufactured so that it can be tuned from 432Hz for general ryers to 440hz for pops according to the customer's request.

Dimensions: Length approx. 54 cm x Width approx. 40 cm x Body thickness approx. 4 cm (excluding the thickness of the saddle on which the strings ride)

Weight: Approximately 2.5 to 3.5 kg (* The lumber used differs depending on the production time, and the weight also differs.)


The model currently manufactured and sold is wood grain natural color ¥ 170,000 (straight bridge standard).



Curved bridge / ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax)

Painting (cream / ¥ 80,000 (excluding tax)


* Since natural wood is used, the appearance of the delivered instrument may have some individuality or one section depending on the time of completion, but we will warmly accept it as a beautiful individuality. please.

The materials you order may change depending on the season. If you are interested, please contact us in advance.

* Specifications of the product are subject to change without notice. Please note that we would like to hear from our customers and deliver better products.

Product inquiry Click here  / Click here for how to order



曲線ブリッジ /¥10,000(税別)




※ 天然木材を使用しておりますので、お届けする楽器の見た目は完成時期によりそれぞれ多少の個性が見られたり1部節などがあるかもしれませんが、それも美しい個性として暖かく受け入れてあげてください。


↑ This is cream color (option: ¥ 80,000-) and curved bridge ( option: ¥ 10,000-) (excluding tax)

↑ Normal type, straight bridge


Option:egg 羽マーク




0:00 はじめに〜動画を作ったきっかけ

1:15 椅子選びと楽器の持ち方について

5:24 音の出し方の説明の前にお伝えしたいこと

7:20 指一本で音を出す練習

11:05 指一本で音階を上がる…人差し指、中指、薬指の練習

17:35 音が出ない、音がすぐ切れてしまう方へ…原因を考える



0:00 一本指で音階を下がってみよう

3:25 自分の音をよく聞いてみよう


6:30 音階を綺麗に弾くためのコツ


9:20 自分の音色を言葉で表現してみよう

         …どんな音色で弾きたいのか具体的なイメージ を作ってみましょう

14:00 音色の言葉による表現 その2




0:00 爪の音を消すための特別解説…ひとつずつ丁寧にチェックし原因をはっきりします

3:50 手のひらは楽器と並行に…正しい向きの確認

6:00 爪の音を消す更なる探究…弾く瞬間の指先の動き

7:57 次の音を弾く前に音が切れてしまう人への特別解説…弾いた後の指の動き

12:33 音を出すとき楽器が揺れていませんか?弦は押して弾くことが大事

14:25 最後に私からお伝えしたいこと…楽しく根気よく続けましょう♫




ライアーを初めて持つ方、音楽をこれまで習ったことのない方を対象に 音を出す練習と着眼点についてアドバイスをしていきます。 対面レッスンでこれらの事は曲を弾く練習を通して少しずつお伝えしています。

今回は初期にありがちなお困り事を凝縮して解説しましたので、気になる所から少しずつトライし解決の一歩としてください。 動画はその1〜その3まであり、順番に見ていただくとより理解が深まります。
















Leier performance: Moon River Satomi Hanakusa performance

Egg-chan model

* I took a picture with a mobile phone nearby.

Leier performance: Autumn sketch / Gillock composition Arranged by Masumi Adachi
Egg-chan, custom model used. 

Arranged the autumn sketch of the classic Gillock for Leier (lyre). It's a short song, but it heals the heart with a beautiful leier tone.


This egg has strings on a piece of wood, and there is no box for resonance, so the sound is quiet, but you can enjoy it enough to play in the room.

Chiyohiko, Leier performance: Egg-chan model  
Lord, the joy of people's wishes /  La-La-Lu (Disney Film Music)
Kyoto Cable TV [Iroen Pitsu TV]
Mai-chan appeared on TV after a year ☆ 彡

Mai Yukiyasu, I've been able to play this far in a little over half a year. This time it's a song accompaniment, but now he's practicing a finger-only song. It is a knot type.

New release: Soft case for egg Model ¥ 20,000 (excluding tax)   


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