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Tsukiko: Healing Liar

¥ 450,000 (excluding tax)

タオライアー アフロディーテの竪琴 月輝呼 つきこ.JPG

Healing Liar  Aphrodite Harp Moonlight Call Model

The configuration of the 40-string sound DEAB (Les Mi-la-Shi) pickup can be installed.


Aphrodite's lyre and moonlight call model is a type of healing lyre: tao lyre and is characterized by not having a resonance box.

Also, unlike other models, there is no scale, and the composition of the sound is DEAB (Re Mi La Si), and chords are continuously strummed to produce a profound healing tone.


A normal lyre plays with the instrument upright, but lay it on the side of this model and place the instrument directly on the body to resonate with the whole body.

It is also perfect as an accompaniment instrument for songs and an accompaniment for storytellers.

Dimensions: Vertical  Approximately 70 cm x 60 cm wide x 5 cm thick (dimensions are measured at the widest location.)


All of our lyre is handmade.

This item is only made to order.

In the case of an order, we think that it can be delivered to the customer within 6 months after the order is placed.

* Please use this product with general ryer tuning 432Hz or tuning below 432Hz.

* Specifications of the product are subject to change without notice. Please note that we would like to hear from our customers and deliver better products.


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