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About the price of the RHIANNON model

・ RHIANNON# 45 ¥ 450,000 (excluding tax)

Specifications: Oil clear paint, matte / no decoration Simple model No binding (decorative wood on the edge)

・RHIANNON # 55 ¥ 550,000 (excluding tax)

Specifications: Lacquer clear paint No color, no gloss

* It has the same paint finish as overseas luxury lyres.

・ RHIANNON # 65 ¥ 650,000 (excluding tax)

Specifications: Lacquer clear natural paint No color, glossy

* A higher-grade beauty with a glossy paint finish.

・ RHIANNON # 100 (highest grade model) ¥ 1,000,000 (excluding tax)

Specifications: Premium paint: Clear glossy or amber (amber) glossy or each matte can be selected.

* # 100 will take more time and effort to create a beautifully brilliant paint finish.

The difference in the model number of each model is the finish of the painting and the difference in the wood used to make the lyre.
The more expensive the model, the more rare and long-dried material is used, which leads to a beautiful appearance and a mellow tone. Of course, even low-priced models are manufactured using sufficiently expensive materials, so it is recommended!

Dimensions: Length approx. 55 cm x Width approx. 45 cm x Body thickness approx. 5 cm (excluding the thickness of the saddle on which the strings ride)

Weight: Approximately 3 kg  

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the difference between oil painting and lacquer painting?

A. First of all, the role of painting is divided into the following three.

(1) Impact on the protection and strength of musical instruments.

(2) Impact on appearance.

③ Impact on timbre.


There is a big difference between oil painting and lacquer painting from the above three points of view.

Please see the blog post for more and more detailed explanations!







それは素晴らしい音でした! 本当に本当に素晴らしい音色です◎


名古屋で あなたや摩澄さん、そしてたくさんのライアー奏者のみなさんと一緒に過ごした日々に、本当に感謝しています!








Dear Hayashi-san

When you asked me about the sound of your lyres in your workshop I had only heard them played by myself.

After the big concert - I had heard many of your lyres played by Masumi-san and others....

They sound wonderful! Really really good!

I am so grateful for the days in Nagoya with you and Masumi-san and so many lyrists!

It was really great!


I think your lyres would be very popular in other countries.

Thank you so much for your kind help when I visited!

Best wishes



​New product announcement RHIANNON black persimmon series​

 Performed by Kurokaki Liar: Castle in the Sky Laputa theme song "Carrying You"

​* This is an image taken with a mobile phone.

About the RHIANNON black persimmon model

When a persimmon tree grows hundreds of years old and becomes an old tree, there are very rare cases where a black pattern appears on the heartwood as if it was written in ink, and such a persimmon tree is called a black persimmon.

Black persimmon is a wood that has been treasured as a precious treasure in Japan since ancient times.

It is a very expensive material due to its rarity and beautiful appearance, but we use this material to make a special lyre.

Since the black persimmon is a natural pattern, the same pattern does not exist (the more black parts, the higher the value), so you can roughly choose from the following two types of patterns to complete.


* Because black persimmon is a rare material, it may be difficult to purchase the material. Please contact us in advance.


・ RHIANNON Black Persimmon A: Almost no black part / Price for each model + ¥ 80,000 (excluding tax)

・ RHIANNON Black Persimmon B : The area of the black part is more than half of the whole / Price for each model + ¥ 13 0,000 (excluding tax)

Inquiries and orders of Kurogaki model is here from

Aphrodite Harp RHIANNON

Aphrodite's lyre: Leanon model 

42 string bass D to treble G

"Aphrodite's lyre" is the one and only original small lyre developed in Japan. The Greek goddess Aphrodite is named after the god of love, beauty and sexuality and the supreme goddess of healing.

The goddess of the moon in Wales, named "The Great Queen," provides the inspiration needed for the creative activities of poets and artists.

The Leanon model is a completely new type of lyre developed as an instrument that pursues musicality and at the same time plays the highest level of healing.

Aphrodite Harp  RHIANNON (Aphrodite's lyre Rhiannon model) is the following four types.


・ Aphrodite Harp  RHIANNON-  # 45

・ Aphrodite Harp  RHIANNON-# 55

・ Aphrodite Harp  RHIANNON-# 65

・ Aphrodite Harp  RHIANNON-# 100  

Of the above products, Aphrodite Harp  RHIANNON-  The 45 is a value-for-money model with all the decorations and wood grain removed from the 55, 65, and 100. It is a standard product with the same specifications as the models imported by other companies, so we recommend it with confidence.

It maintains the high quality sound of Made In Japan.




* The lyre produced in our shop is manufactured to meet the customer's request, and can be tuned to 432Hz for general ryers or 440hz for pops.

* If you would like 440hz tuning, please let us know when you place an order.

Dimensions: Length about 55 cm x Width about 45 cm x Body thickness about 5 cm

(The thickness of the saddle on which the strings ride is not included.)

Weight: Approximately 3 kg 

Lyre player Cerena Komaki  "moonriver"

Leier player Masumi Adachi  "Lord, the joy of man's desire"

 Debussy's "Moonlight" shot ver.

​Leier player: Selena Maria

Leanon Black Persimmon # 100

​Lecturer: Introduction of Ms. Masumi Adachi

安達摩澄 アフロディーテの竪琴 黒柿2 (3).JPG

Homepage of Ms. Masumi Adachi

New release: Soft case for RHIANNON ¥ 20,000 (excluding tax)  

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Product inquiry Click here  / Click here for how to order

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