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All the production parts have been sold out by reservation.


22 string bass G (so) -treble E (mi)  Pickup can be installed.


Aphrodite's lyre / heart model is a handy type small lyre (small lyre). Since it is a handy type lyre that can be carried anywhere, you can feel free to enjoy the lyre's tone anytime, anywhere.

It's small but solid, so you can enjoy playing an instrument with peace of mind. The range is from bass G (so) to treble (mi), making it a very easy-to-use model for small children and beginners.


Even though they are small lyres, they are all handmade at our workshop in Japan, so they are made very carefully.​ Since it is handmade and uses natural wood, the appearance of the delivered instrument may have some individuality depending on the time of completion, but

Please warmly accept it as a beautiful personality.

Since it is a very popular model, it is often sold out immediately even if it is sold in this online shopping section. Please consider this opportunity!

If you receive an email, you can pre-order the production for this time.

Dimensions: Vertical  Approximately 30 cm x width approximately 25 cm x thickness approximately 3 cm

* The lyre produced in our shop is manufactured so that it can be tuned from 432Hz for general ryer to 440hz for pop according to the customer's request.


You can also check the performance video from our youtube channel.

Delivery time: about 1 week

Heart curve bridge type

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