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Lyre Liar Instructional Book New Release 83 pages in color
Jasrac registered ¥ 2600 (excluding tax) with commentary.

The performance video of the latter half can be viewed on youtube.


Miyuki Nagata is partly cooperating in the main arrangement of lyre player Masumi Adachi.

There are various liar, but I sincerely hope that it will spread in Japan as a musical instrument that can be moved and comforted.


recorded music

·shining star

・ Cradle song

・ Shabon ball

・ Sunset small burn

・ Mary's Little Lamb

・ If you look up, you will be respected

·Song of four seasons

・ Clean sleeves

・ Amazing Grace

・ Silent Night

・ Lord, the joy of people's wishes

・ Air on the G string

・ Autumn sketch

・ Nostalgic Valentine

・ Kokurikozaka (Goodbye summer)


30 songs etc.

A lyre that can be learned from beginners. Liar textbook (shipping included)

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