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A cleaning kit for Liar's strings.

If you clean the strings about once a month, the strings will not rust easily and you can use the instrument in good condition and with good sound.


Click here for a detailed explanation video.


First of all, after practicing, wipe the instrument body and strings dry with an instrument cloth or a cotton handkerchief. The best condition for an instrument is to leave no sweat or dirt on the instrument body or strings.


・ Cleaning procedure

(1) Rust on the strings is roughly removed with a sponge abrasive once every 1 to 3 months.

(2) Next, grab each string more carefully with steel wool and polish it.

* Please note that it will be damaged if it hits the paint film.

If you are worried, you should put a newspaper under the strings.

③ When the rust is removed, clean the abrasive / steel wool powder that has fallen on the instrument.


After removing the rust, deer leather will not rust easily if you polish the strings one by one about once a week.

It depends on the frequency of use, but please purchase a new one in about one and a half to two years.


Contents: Sponge abrasive, steel wool # 0000, deer leather cloth, vinyl gloves S size

Shipping: Kuroneko DM mail and shipping included


* Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding use.


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Liar / string maintenance set (shipping included)

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