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The lyre carried by the goddess Aphrodite is born as a Japanese-style "healing lyre" !!

Please feel free to visit our store. It would be helpful if you could make a reservation by phone in advance when you come to the store.

アフロディーテの竪琴 ハート 60,000 b.JPG













八ヶ岳ライアー交流会2024 ライアーワークショップ 三野友子先生.JPG

ライアー交流会2024 三野友子先生によるライアーワークショップを開催予定





ライアー演奏会:ジョンビリングさん アフロディーテの竪琴.jpg

世界的ライアー奏者:John Billing(ジョン・ビリング)さんをお迎えしてライアーアンサンブル演奏のご指導や、ソロ演奏も数曲ご披露いただく事となりました。




HATHOR leier concert was held.


- Hathor official page here than






ヤン ライアー アフロディーテの竪琴 (2).jpg

Czech leier performer

Jan Braunstein

Live was held!


Location: At the Leier headquarters in Aphrodite


I fully enjoyed European authentic lyre music and Jan Braunstein 's original lovely songs and ad lib songs ☆ 彡

The Leier discussion was also so fun.

In the future, we plan to hold workshops and individual lessons at our shop.

looking forward to it!

Please read this article for details on the day.

Serena leire school
Thank you for the end of the 2nd performance

From Dvorak New World Home Cerena Komaki

アフロディーテの竪琴 ライアー販売w2.JPG
 Our Aphrodite leier: RHIANNON model It was a concert with Angel model.
I was impressed by the overwhelming group of musical instruments and the group of female angels.
Would you like to start playing the leier?
・ Click here for CERENA's homepage

Leier instruction book
New release 83 pages color
Jasrac Registered
list price ¥ 2,860- (tax included) + shipping fee ¥ 165: ¥ 3,025 (total)

You can watch the performance video of the latter half with commentary on youtube. Miyuki Nagata is partly cooperating in the main arrangement of lyre player Masumi Adachi.
We will sell by order from the shopping corner.
※ We do not sell to overseas markets.

ライアー教則本 1 アフロディーテの竪琴.JPG
ライアー教則本 4 アフロディーテの竪琴.JPG
ライアー教則本 11 アフロディーテの竪琴.JPG

If you are interested in the Leier Performance Class, please check the Lesson page on the site.

Inquiries: 052-807-5302 

Mr. Masumi Adachi 3rd Liar Performance Live

Thank you to everyone who participated.

The social gathering was a great success. Thank you very much.

I would like to continue to hold such gatherings that are not bound by musical instrument manufacturers.

Ms. Masumi Adachi Please check the teacher's performance on the Lesson page on the site.

The homepage of Ms. Masumi Adachi has been created, please click it.

安達摩澄 アフロディーテの竪琴2.JPG
安達摩澄 アフロディーテの竪琴1.JPG

Adachi sensei joint practice / presentation

Please click the VIDEO corner. The performance of the day is out ☆

At the leier headquarters of Aphrodite, Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture
Full-scale leier performance class: Lessons are open!
 Ms. Masumi Adachi and Ms. Satomi Hanakusa
Tue- Friday (with vacant space): Ms. Adachi
Saturday, Sunday, Monday (with free space): Ms. Hanakusa
45 minutes private lesson

Ticket system: ¥ 16,500 (tax included, 5 times or 6 times)  

Musical instruments can be rented

Heart: ¥ 10,000 / Egg: ¥ 20,000

(Period: Every 3 months, renewal possible)

Tel 052-807-5302
Products (About Liar)
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  Click here for information on the leier performance class
  There is also an instructor (performance instructor) training course !!
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Leier repair / purchase / trade-in


Please feel free to contact us.

We also handle products from other companies in the same way. You can also revive an instrument that is broken and can no longer be played!

Click here for how to change the strings of the leier

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