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[Made-to-order product] Aphrodite's lyre (liar) Leanon # 100-42 strings The wood grain used is selected so that the beauty of the wood grain is outstanding. ..
Also, this model and # 55 and # 65 have 42 strings. Delivery time is from 8 months. High-pitched sound G (so) to low-pitched sound D (re).
It is virtually the same as Leanon # 65, but # 100 has engraving, high-grade polishing paint, and, if anything, a strong bridge tiger eye.
The sound quality is super delicate and sweet and spreads into the space. It is the best model of Aphrodite's lyre. This model can also put your name in the main body. However, the price is the same whether you put it in or not.

Made-to-order Aphrodite lyre Anon # 100-42 strings Reservation required

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